How to Develop Android apps

How to Develop Android apps

Jun 23, 2021ยท

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What to Learn to get started with Android App Development

Yes, This is the right question to ask when you are getting started with android app development. But this question has 'n' number of answers. You can choose any programming language from the list below and get started.

What are those Options?

  1. Java
  2. Kotlin
  3. React Native
  4. Flutter
  5. Xamarin

Why Java?

Java is the first official programming language that is used to develop android apps. Before 3 years almost all the apps are developed using Java Programming Language, Yes you read it right these stats are all before 3 years. That is before the origin of Kotlin.

Why Kotlin?

The Kotlin is announced as the official language of Android App Development by Google.

Kotlin is a programming language used to develop android apps. This made android app development much easy as the length of the code had decreased than Java. And other features that made Kotlin a number one programming language for Android App Development.

Then What are these React Native and Flutter?

These two programming languages are used to develop native apps for both Android and iOS on a single code base. No this is not magic.

These languages are backed up with a giant companies link Facebook(React Native) and Google(Flutter).

Are these are only the languages available for Android App Development?

A Big .. big No

Python C++ C# HTML, CSS, JavaScript(PhoneGap) etc.,

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