What is Freelancing

What is Freelancing

Jun 27, 2021ยท

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What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is the process of doing work on your own without working under any organization or company.

As per my thoughts, It is a wonderful opportunity for skilled people to choose freelancing as a career.

As freelancing gives you the freedom to work, freedom to select your client, freedom to control your workload and etc.,

Even you can even start a small company to work with a team.

Advantages of Freelancing?

  1. Freedom To Choose Clients And Projects
  2. Flexibility Of Location
  3. A Chance To Experiment With Your Craft
  4. Flexibility Time
  5. Control of Workload
  6. Independence

Disadvantages of Freelancing?

  1. Ultimate Responsibility
  2. Lack of Benefits
  3. Getting Clients is not that easy
  4. Cash Flow Issues

For who this freelancing suite for?

As freelancing is the process of self employing and get clients. To get started with freelancing you must be a master in any particular skill

Example :

Web Designing or Web Development Logo Designing Content Writing Voiceovers Scriptwriters Prototype designers and etc.,

How to get started?

  1. freelancer.in
  2. upwork.com
  3. fiverr.com

and many more sites are helping freelancers by taking a small commission from your client payment.