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Windows VS Linux

Windows VS Linux

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Difference between Windows and Linux

It is a proprietary Operating systemIt is an Open Source Operating system
Microkernel is usedMonolithic kernel is used
Windows is written in C++ and assembly language.Linux is written in assembly language and C.
It does not come free for any user.It is free to use for everyone.
It is less secure than LinuxIt is more secure than Windows
File system is case insensitiveFile system is case sensitive
It uses backward slashes in path separatorsIt uses forward slashes in path separators
It is only customizable to a small extentIt is highly customizable
It comes with GUI, so it is easy to use it. It can be used by technical as well as non-technical users.It is meant to be for the technical user because you must have some exposure to various Linux commands.
FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc., file system is usedEXT2, EXT3, EXT4, etc., file system is used
It collects user dataIt doesn't collect user data
It has different drives like C: D:There are no drives in Linux
Its user account types can be 1. Administrator, 2. Standard, 3. Child, 4. GuestIts user account types can be 1. Regular, 2. Root and 3. Service Account
It is less efficient in comparison to Linux.It is more efficient in comparison to windows.
Installation process is easy(and fewer user inputs required ) but takes a long time to installInstallation process is not easy (and more user inputs required ) but takes very less time to install

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Linux has various flavors of operating systems in which each flavor of Linux distro (distribution) is meant for a particular purpose. for example

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  • Ubuntu Desktop: General Purpose
  • Kali Linux: Hacking Purpose
  • Parrot OS: Hacking Purpose
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Enterprise Purpose
  • Arch Linux: Geeky People and Advance Users
  • BlackArch Linux: Penetration Testing

Like this, depending on purpose we can select one particular Linux Distro/ Flavor/ Distribution.

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